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Half Way To Beauty

January 26, 2019 - travel, Uncategorized

Can’t help but to be struck by how many bridges there are in France. It’s like every little village is connected by a bridge. They are all so beautiful too in their own way. Very old world, elegant, and exuding such strength and ability to endure.

Everytime I see a bridge, I take it as a metaphor that I’m crossing into new territory. There was one bridge in particular with roiling waters underneath, the actual portrait of a bridge over troubled waters. Of course I took my opportunity to dance over it.

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Just like the cranes I can’t help but notice in all the places that I visit (a reminder that the world is constantly in development), the sight of a well constructed bridge brings me a great sense of beauty in the world. The construction of all that brings us together is never a missed opportunity for me to reflect on all the beauty of the world.

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