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What does “love” mean to you?

For those who know me, there is a passage in literature that I recite daily because of the visceral reaction it evokes for me. It’s from Toni Morrison’s Paradise and it’s the most loving gut-punch that expresses the truth that love is not a gift, but a diploma.

I’m not even going to attempt to articulate “love” as I take a page out of the Nina Simone handbook.

What I will say is that love is the thing I think about the most consistently. Selfishly, I think how can I get some for myself, but more self-serving than that I think how amazing it is of a philosophy to practice, how grand of a language it is between us and the divine, and just how grateful I am to fall in love everyday with new things, new people, new experiences.

This week I’m in love with the joy of this TinyDesk concert from Tank and the Bangas. More specifically, I’m in love with the new expression of love that they have shared with the rest of us in the beautifully emotive Rollercoasters.

What are you falling or rising in love for and with this week? Do you have an expression of love that you hold dear? Share with us below!