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Oh Yes! Shadowshaper gets optioned

Readers, grab your bookmarks and get ready for some more film and tv adaptations! Next up: Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper is coming to a screen near you!

Actress and Older enthusiast, Anika Noni Rose is satisfying the hearts of many with the news that her production company has acquired the rights to the fantasy series that introduced the world to Sierra Santiago. This is the second option from Rose who also acquired the rights to Older’s Bone Street Rumba series!

For those of you who haven’t read Shadowshaper (firstly, wyd?), this is the story of Sierra Santiago, a Brooklyn teenager who discovers her shadowshaping powers and becomes the superhero we all didn’t know we needed. We recently caught up with Older after he dropped his surprise novella from the Shadowshaping universe and here’s what he had to say about his characters, community, and the superpowers we all have.

Who would you cast as Sierra Santiago? Share in the comments below!

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HBO now stands for: Having Books Optioned

This week we learned that HBO is developing another book adaptation. This Saturday 4/22, the network premieres their adaptation of 2010’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks starring Oprah Winfrey and Renée Elise Goldsberry. Some reviews found the adaptation to be of the CliffsNotes variety, but others are celebrating the film’s intention of raising questions about trust. And as HBO subscribers are preparing themselves for this Saturday viewing, the network just gave them something else to look forward to, Farenheit 451.

The dystopian novel from Ray Bradbury is having a moment given the current sociopolitical climate. Along with the likes of The Handmaid’s Tale, it seems we’d like a professional’s visual accompaniment to the impending destruction rather than just suffering the anxiety of our own imaginations.

Well, whether you’ve read the classic novel or not, moviegoers should be excited to see the ever talented and mucho hermoso Michael B. Jordan who will be starring in the book-burning narrative. Is it getting hot in here already, or is it just us?

What book adaptations would you most want to see from HBO? Share in the comments below!

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Word on the Street: Amazon Books Coming to NYC?

It’s been said that New York City is the literary capital of the world (and if it hasn’t been said, you heard it here first people.) While we’ve been anticipating the arrival of The Bronx’ very own Lit Bar, it seems Amazon has some brick-and-mortar plans for bookish Manhattan as well with not one, but two bookstores opening soon. While Broadway bamas have been prepped for the Columbus Circle opening in Spring 2017, sausageeggandcheese consumers will be getting their own chance to meet an actual Amazon employee at the newly announced 34th Street location this summer. The 11th Amazon bookstore will be directly across the street from the Empire State building.

They’re only selling bestsellers and books that have high ratings, but secretly we’re wishing they’d just shelve accordingly: Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable. What are your thoughts on the Internet powerhouse making landfall? In any case kids…


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‘The Mothers’ is headed to the big screen!

Brit Bennett’s debut novel, The Mothers, is getting the Hollywood treatment as it has just been optioned by Warner Bros. Actress Kerry Washington will be producing the much anticipated flick, which is fitting as the novel is quite scandalous.

This is exciting news for readers of The Mothers, who like me, simply gushed over Bennett’s accurate portrayal of the church, sisterhood, and the “what ifs” of life. It’ll be quite the experience seeing what Washington and Bennett cook up with this one. Here’s my review of this amazing novel.

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Word on the Street: From the White House to Random House

America’s most dynamic duo are continuing their public service commitment in a new house, Random House. That’s right, The Obamas have inked their post-presidency book deal and it’s to the tune of a pretty $65 Million dollars.

While we were hoping that at least one of the titles went to editor Chris Jackson of One World Imprint, word on the street is that it has not. That would have been the icing on the cake, but alas we still have cake. Just knowing that Mr. Obama is a reader of the highest order, it’s going to be quite the experience when he takes up the role of author again since his Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope days.

We have this sneaking suspicion that Obama is really an author at heart and he ran for president for the sole purpose of researching the protagonist for some epic novel that he will one day gift to us. But of course, I’m sure public service was equally as important in his decision to run for president.

We’re looking forward to these titles and will definitely keep y’all updated on the details!