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Taste your life.

It’s been one of those weeks where almost everything and everyone I encounter reaffirms the same thing. And that thing seems to be the thing I’ve been searching for all along in my angst of trying to figure out what I care about anymore. As I’ve been in a state of despondent behavior, my current yearning is to care about something, anything.

It all started on Sunday when this doula who I’ve befriended at work introduced me to scotch, or rather the proper way to sip scotch. It was an experience to say the least as I had no idea my palate was capable of tasting anything beyond the alcohol burn. So that I was able to taste the earthy, wood-burning qualities and enjoy it was like…

So on Monday, I stopped by the whiskey bar the doula recommended, which happens to be near The Artist Co-op, and it just so happened to be Whiskey Lesson Monday (not much of a name, but cool), and because of the rain, I was the only student to show up! After these rather apropo happenings, I landed on this page during the next morning’s reading of Becoming Wise by Krista Tippett…

We call ourselves homo sapiens sapiens. That’s the species name we’ve given ourselves. And that comes from the Latin sapere, which means “to taste” or “to know.” The species that knows and knows that it knows.

I’ve been reading Sapiens at night and I didn’t know that the root word literally means to taste. Our species literally means to taste humanity. Life talks to you in whispers, and sometimes life talks to you loudly through people, literature, and Whiskey Lesson Mondays. This has been one of the most exciting weeks of my life because I have learned something new every single day. I’ve experienced new tastes, I’ve discovered new levels of awareness, and I haven’t felt this alive in I’m not sure how long. It feels good!

What is life trying to tell you, and what is the taste of life that you’re not yet experiencing? If I can offer any advice, try something you’ve never tried before. If someone introduces something to you, and it’s not harmful or sketchy, say yes! For me it was easy to spot this sign because food is a chore for me sometimes, even though I enjoy a good meal, I tend to scarf my food down and bypass the pleasure of my taste buds. But now I’m going to savor anything I’m fortunate enough to consume, and for you take whatever has been a chore and find your exciting brand new entry into some experience of your humanity and taste your life!



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