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The little word that could…

It’s taking me a really long time to figure out the first line of this post. Yesterday, I was reminded of the power of words and how we create our experience from what we say. Because our thoughts become our words, and our words become our action. And this much I know to be true, but to what extent?

Frankly, I find that it adds so much pressure to speaking that I find myself going mute over the anxiety of speaking the wrong things into existence. Like if I just made that joke about going mute, did I just will myself to lose my voice?

And if the Black Keys already told me to watch what I say because the devil is listening, then doesn’t the devil already know that I know, and is the devil now worried that I might try to throw it off course by saying the opposite thing in order to protect myself? I mean, do you see the pressure?!

When you’re in the space of “experiencing” something, I’ve realized that the key to this whole thoughts>words>actions ordeal is right there in the equation. Your thoughts! Your perspective = how you see it in your mind. How you perceive and interpret the experience is the key to how you respond to it with your words and your actions! For instance, if you’re experiencing heartbreak, a very real and heavy experience, your mind will be flooded with thoughts about everything that this means about who you are or who someone else is, and all of the things that went wrong, and how sad everything is. However, if in the midst of all these thoughts mixing with emotions in the abyss of your mind you could perceive that you are experiencing heartbreak –the act of your heart splitting in half– and that you are still whole, wouldn’t you begin to sense the shift of your thoughts before you respond. “I am missing this person, but I am still here…I must be really strong to be experiencing this breaking apart, and I’m looking forward to what will be built in its place…I am grateful to the things I’m learning about myself through this experience.” It’s also relevant in my earlier attempt at a joke in that if I perceive the thoughts>words>actions as a thing to be feared, my response will be to fear, and fear breeds inaction, stagnancy, the muteness.

If you’ll imagine with me that in your mind there is a long boulevard that traverses each crevice of your cerebral matter. And along this boulevard, which connects every piece of your mind, there are street lights operated from a circuit board that chooses which lights are on when and where, the color of the bulbs, and maintains and repairs any outages. If you could envision yourself at this circuit board, find the light switch labeled “Change your mind.” and turn it on. Choose the color, check the luminosity and adjust if necessary. Do what is necessary so that as you’re navigating this winding road of experiences and your thoughts begin to cloud your judgement, you’ll have that light that’s always shining that will remind you that at any point, you can change your mind to change your response to the experience you’re having. If the words are the power, believe in the truth that you want to speak to that power, and speak it!



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