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So you think you can create?

I have this looping track in my mind of Ava Duvernay talking about how she just wants to create everyday, and that she doesn’t wait for permission to tell the stories she wants to tell.

Of course what have I been doing all year: I’ve been waiting for permission. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we dream up these fantastic stories that we either want to live or create, but when the dream whispers those inconsiderate and inconvenient request “write it down…make a plan…set a date…make it happen, make it work” all of a sudden our fiery dreams turn into agonizing nightmares in which the spark becomes the flame that ignites the cynicism in our heart. I mean think about it: you experience this spark, so you fan the flame (use your imagination) to get a brighter picture of what this spark illuminated in your mind, and when the vision becomes almost too clear for you to keep it to yourself…you decide to keep it to yourself!! It’s like if you found a three-tier cake, something you could share with maybe three dozen people, and decide to eat the whole thing by yourself! Do you know what happens when you eat a whole cake by yourself…a stomachache. Do you know what happens when you keep your dreams to yourself? A stomacheache, a headache, and a heartache.


I do think I lost my way somewhere along this journey, so in some ways this is my apology tour to myself. It’s like re-remembering why I’m here, and what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Mistakes and all. So in the spirit of going in the direction of my dreams (again) and following the trailblazers, I’m committed to making work everyday. Today I made my first attempt at stop motion, and thanks to The Slanted Lens, it didn’t turn out so bad.

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What did you create today? Are you going in the direction of your dreams?




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