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What’s your daily morning ritual?

There’s a question that Oprah asks her guests on Super Soul Sunday, which I look forward to the most, “Do you have a morning ritual?” I tend to expect some grand ceremony of awakening to the day, but it tends to be the most basic of activities, things we all already do in some form or fashion. “I have a cup of tea…” or “I read the paper…” or “I meditate, stretch.” In every response I hear some iteration of things that I’ve become jaded by or taken for granted. Waking up can be tough when you’re not ready to face the day. However, when you have something to look forward to, you tend to wake up with an extra pep in your step and suddenly, waking up is the best and easiest thing to do. So what if the waking up is the thing to look forward to?

I’m in the midst of creating my own daily ritual. Recently, I’ve been observing what time I wake up naturally, my first instinct after my eyes open, and how the rest of my day develops based on what I do first thing in the morning. I find that my body doesn’t sleep past 8am, which is a helpful constant. If I could though, I’d start my day around 6/7am, or at the magic hour when creativity peaks for me which is around 4am, so there’s that. And because I’ve been in and out of a funk for the past three months (give or take two years), I find that I don’t regularly wake up with the same alertness, and I tend to linger in the bed for much longer than necessary. I eventually get up and find something to drink; first water, then something aromatic (usually coffee, but these days tea…but maybe stout?!?!*). And the part that clicked for me recently is the presence of music in my daily ritual. So based on my personal findings, and on the Super Soul Sunday answers, this is the daily morning ritual that I’m in the process of setting for myself:

  1. Wake up, and get out of the bed within 10 seconds of my eyes opening
  2. Say “Thank you.” when my feet hit the floor
  3. Straighten up my bed
  4. Water: I drink some water and then I boil some water for tea/coffee
  5. Spiritual reading and ask/set the intention for the day
  6. Songwriting
  7. A stout?**

For me, it’s helpful to observe and define a ritual because it’s a ceremonious activity that not only offers me consistency, but reminds me of the gift of each day. When I wake up with the purpose of waking up, that awakening becomes the root, or the stem, for which the rest of the day can graciously bloom unto, because the day is now grounded and summoned. If I know that everyday is a gift, I suspect that it wouldn’t hurt to act like it. So, what’s your daily ritual that supports the unfolding of your day?

*It only occurred to me as I was writing this because I took the header photo yesterday and I really wanted to use it in today’s post, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.
**But having a stout be a part of my daily routine might not be a bad idea, as it’s one of my favorite things in the world so I’d definitely be looking forward to it…of course it’d be closer to noon though, because I’m not a monster to have beer for breakfast. 😉 



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